When I became a vegetarian first, I was one of few and most people had little interest in good nutrition or vegetarianism. Vegetarians were often considered to be a bit crazy and just over the top in their love for animals. A lot of my friends didn’t understand my decision and certainly never wanted to talk about good food and healthy nutrition. If it hadn’t been for my local vegetarian store, I would have felt lost and lonely indeed!

I have since learnt that stores like that are a magnet for people who value good food, who prefer doing it the wholesome organic way and who feel slightly uncomfortable with the idea of consuming processed foods, big steaks or any other factory made meals. My frequent trips to the local vegetarian store were certainly very educational, apart from the fact that it was just awesome connecting with like-minded people.

It didn’t take long for me to become one of the regular customers and I found myself exchanging information and recipes with store staff as well as other customers. After a while, my recipes were passed around and I occasionally even held vegetarian cooking demonstrations. The joy was in meeting other vegetarians, equipping those considering vegetarianism with useful tips and information and learning as much as possible from other vegetarians.

When I started my blog, I somehow wanted to find a way of creating an online place for the vegetarian community, much like my local vegetarian store. For this concept to work, I am always asking people to get in touch with me, either with questions or with tips and advice of their own. Getting in touch is easy by using the contact form below or by emailing me at anna@thevegetarianbaby.com.

Here is why I can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Share Your Vegetarian Wisdom: Even though I have been a vegetarian for a long number of years, I still learn something new each day, be it a great recipe or some invaluable information about how best to get all vitamins and minerals and ensure optimum nutrition. You can be a vegetarian, nutritionist, herbalist, complementary therapist or simply a well-seasoned vegetarian, your input will be treasured and I will share it with my many readers.
  • Join the Campaign and Educate: It has always been my wish to demystify vegetarianism, dispel some of the misconceptions and promote vegetarian as a viable health choice. If you feel as strongly as I do about the horrors of meat production and the downside of meat consumption, please get in touch and join my campaign. People all over the world need to be educated about what it really means to be a vegetarian, explain the rationale behind vegetarianism and highlight the abusive nature of the meat industry.
  • If You are Toying With the Idea of Becoming a Vegetarian: There is indeed a lot to consider before taking the leap and I love making the transition that little bit easier for people. I will equip you with solid nutritional information, tips for a healthy changeover and support you all the way to enjoying only the healthiest and tastiest vegetarian foods.
  • Businesses Providing Vegetarian Products: My heart delights every time I find out about a new vegetarian food and even more so when I get to taste it! I am equally addicted to great vegetarian cookery books or educational resources for vegetarians. If your business provides a product or service for vegetarians, do let me know and I will do all I can to support you.
  • Vegetarian Community: Gathering, News and Events: You must get in touch and connect and tell me about your vegetarian event. Let’s get together and enjoy healthy, delicious vegetarian food, exchange ideas and have some fun.

How to Get in Touch

Don’t delay, get in touch immediately by emailing me at anna@thevegetarianbaby.com or by using the form below. I always respond within one or two days and look forward to connecting and possibly hatching plans! My hope is, to turn this website and blog into a meeting place for vegetarians and all those who love tasty food. Let’s connect and continue to build a strong and vibrant vegetarian community.