Winter is Coming – But Have You Discovered Your Hygge Yet?

So, Autumn is in full swing and all thoughts are beginning to turn to winter. Each year we welcome the season with open arms, fully embracing those aspects of this time of the year which sees us snuggling up by the fireside, sipping hot chocolate and eating marshmallows before bed. We generally chill out in front of box-sets as the nights draw in earlier with each passing week. Apparently, the Danish would call this Hygge!

Hygge came to the attention of the rest of the world last year, when it seemed book stores were brimming with self-help books on how we could all make our lives that bit more hygge. I tried to ignore the craze for it, after all it is hard enough trying to implement and keep up with your own routines! However, now that the initial fad seems to have dyed down, just what was it all based on?

What is Hygge All About?

Hygge is a way of Danish life, which incorporates some of the following choices into your life to make it cosier:

Live by Candlelight: Forgo harsh natural light for candles in the home and garden – in fact live by candlelight!

Cycle Everywhere: The streets of Copenhagen possess more bicycles than actual people!

Don’t Do Overtime: Danish people apparently do not like to work overtime, and would rather spend their time at home having a meal with their family instead!

Take Lunch at 11am: With such an early start, Danish people like to eat earlier for an afternoon boost!

Dress Minimally: Some Danes prefer a basic dress code and, if they must dress up, simply add accessories to their outfit!

However, when applying these hygge rules to the real world, or at least when I try and look at ways of implementing them, they just don’t seem to have much in the way pf practicality! As much as we would all love to be able to live like this, let’s be honest – it’s not really going to happen to this extent!

I can’t help but feel that this is a huge generalisation of the Danish people, and that obviously there will be many people living in Denmark who absolutely do not follow the hygge route! Yet, despite the hype, hygge seems to have had its five minutes of fame, and is now in the bargain basement basket at discounted stores!

My advice; find your own comfort ritual that suits your and your family! Whether it be hot chocolate and marshmallows, or old rustic blankets pulled from the attic once every year, forget hygge and invent your own winter rituals!