Any vegetarian will tell you that she/he will spend a lot of time justifying her/his existence and explaining just why she/he has chosen not to eat meat. It’s sad really, because for one, meat eaters are never asked to outline just why on earth they need to consume animals or indeed how they can justifiably do so despite well-known animal rights abuses? Don’t even get me started on explaining why in essence human being DO NOT NEED TO EAT MEAT to survive!

Nevertheless, I shall try and be calm and patient and tell you why indeed everyone should go vegetarian:

  • For the Sake of the Animals:Like it or not, eating meat is just not ethical. If you believe in animal rights at all, then meat consumption is out. Raising animals for slaughter in frequently appalling conditions is simply not justifiable. The animals are often fed with dangerous chemicals to promote their growth, given excess amounts of antibiotics and kept in cages that are far too small for comfort. Even free range or organic meat producers fail to recognize animal rights. An animal should be allowed to live freely and comfortably and the meat industry constantly violates these essential animal rights.
  • For the Sake of Human Survival: An enormous amount of agricultural land is used to grow animal food rather than grow crops for human consumption. In the developing world, countries find themselves producing animal foods for the developed world rather than growing crops for their own population.
  • For the Sake of Your Health: Despite some commonly held misconceptions, avoiding meat is actually beneficial to your health. You are at much reduced risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease or cancer and vegetarians are also known to have a much better digestion, suffer less during hormonal changes and have a better immune system because they eat a lot more fruit and vegetables.
  • For the Sake of Your Longevity: Research indicates that you can increase your lifespan by as much as 13 years by going vegetarian. This is because animal fats clog up arteries, reduce your energy and weaken your immune system.
  • For the Sake of Your Vitality: Vegetarians invariably end up consuming a lot more fruit and vegetables and greatly benefit from the abundance of nutrients contained therein and in particular the complex carbohydrates present. Such complex carbohydrates are a prolonged source of energy. One example are oats, renowned to be a top breakfast food because of the slow release of energy they provide. Animals are also frequently injected with hormones and steroids which will also make it onto our plates.
  • For the Sake of our Planet: Our water quality is greatly reduced because animal waste makes its way from fields into our water sources. Meat factories have appalling environmental records and are said to be responsible for countless tons of harmful animal waste.
  • For the Sake of Your Budget: Meat is expensive to produce and expensive to buy. Going vegetarian will free up a whole load of cash in your household budget, enabling you to spend your hard-earned cash on far more enjoyable pursuits and products.

Ultimately, I would like to stress that us humans do not need to eat meat and we can be healthy and happy, in fact healthier and happier without meat. Vegetables, eggs, nuts and soya products are just as rich a source of protein as meat without the obvious downside of meat and meat consumption. The key I guess is to dispel all the prevalent misconceptions and educate people the world over that vegetarians eat super tasty, infinitely healthy and ethical food without having to worry about the mistreatment of animals, our planet or the world population as a whole.