Take the Vegetarian Month Trial

Whilst everyone who knows me is aware that I am proud vegetarian, I am not one of these people who forces this lifestyle onto others. Yes, I will tell you about the many benefits that I have encountered since accessing this wonderful way of life. But, I’m never judgemental of those who choose to eat meat. We are all allowed to make our own decisions, and just because yours may differ from mine, that is not to say I respect it any less than my own.

Vegetarianism is A Lifestyle Choice

Over the many years of being a vegetarian, many people have asked me for advice on making the transition. Whilst I thoroughly believe that being a vegetarian is a truly healthy way of living, I do think that it should be carefully considered beforehand. I’m aware that this lifestyle isn’t for everybody, and it can take a little bit of getting used to.

Take the Vegetarian Trial

Becoming a vegetarian should be a fun choice, not one that restricts or limits your lifestyle. Food is exciting, and eliminating meat and fish if you choose to should not signal the end of this excitement. If anything, I believe that people who concisely turn to vegetarianism make the effort to search for different ideas and recipes and are perhaps more open to experiencing new foods as a result.

Why not dedicate a month, when you know you will be able to give your time and energy and go vegetarian? That way you aren’t fully committing yourself to anything but ultimately giving yourself a better chance to succeed.

Do Your Homework Before You Begin

One of the reasons some people fail when converting to vegetarianism is their lack of prior knowledge. Though I feel that it is so easy to access good quality vegetarian food, particularly alternatives to meat, there are some who will fall into it, simply deciding to stop eating meat one day and going all out veggie the next. This tends to be a rasher decision and usually a bad way to begin this wonderful experience. You can’t just expect your body to change overnight. For some people, abruptly stopping eating meat may induce cravings, which means they may instantly revert to eating meat, having missed a great opportunity.

Try a planned and organised month of the most delicious vegetarian meals that you can think of; ultimately giving your body the chance to recover from its meat withdrawal. After all, if you are going to experience this wonderful path, you owe it to yourself to do it properly!