Blogging has been a true blessing for me. Not only have I been able to share my knowledge about all things vegetarian, but I have also been fortunate to get to know countless of my readers and other bloggers. It has also been great to grow and develop into a professional blogger, which is something I hadn’t really intended to do. I must have created something new and fresh, because within a short space of time, I had thousands of subscribers, received hundreds of emails every day and was also soon approached by companies who wanted to advertise their products and services on my blog. Without realizing it, I had learned the craft of effective blogging and found out how a blog can make you quite a decent income.

Because I had always wanted to use my blog as a meeting place for vegetarians and wannabe vegetarians, I took the decision early on to ask people to contribute content to my site. The first few were people I knew from my local store, a well-known nutritionist, a chef from a local vegetarian eatery and the owner of the store. These very first few guest posts proved to be hugely inspiring to me and all of my readers and highlighted the immense benefits of collaboration and sharing. After all, I wanted to build a vibrant vegetarian community online and what better way to do it than by asking people to submit guest posts. Some of them were reluctant at first, thinking that what they had to say would not be sufficiently relevant, but my power of persuasion hasn’t let me down yet and in the end they were all glad that they did indeed submit interesting posts.

Other contributors have included high profile food bloggers and I found myself learning lots about the art of blogging, how to write an inspiring post, how to structure it and make it thought-provoking and how to use a blog post to educate as well as entertain. I also experienced the campaigning-power of blogging first hand, particularly when I undertook to examine and highlight the abuses of the meat industry. Bloggers can be quite powerful, especially when posts are further shared through the various social media platforms. Monetizing my blog is another thing guest bloggers helped me achieve and I am eternally grateful to them all.

Because I have been so privileged as a blogger and know just precisely what makes a successful blog, I like reaching out to newbies and enlighten them with my knowledge and experience. Going from a blog with zero readers to a well-read, high-profile blog that allows for a nice advertising income is not rocket-science, but it does require a considerable amount of skill and know how.

I would be delighted to have you submit a guest post and I most certainly never turn any seasoned bloggers away. I find it’s always a win-win for all involved, myself, the guest blogger and my many readers.

To give you an idea of the type of topics I like to cover on my blog, please take a look at the following list. Needless to say, I am always open to suggestions and urge anyone with a punchy title to get in touch.

You can do so by emailing me at or with the contact form below.

The list of topics is as follows:

  • Being a Parent
  • Educations
  • Kids and Teenagers
  • Newborns
  • Pregnancy
  • Blogging Tips
  • Family Budget
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Health and Medicine
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Living Space
  • Pets
  • Product Reviews
  • Vegetarian Food and Recipes

As you can gather from this list, the content of my blog reaches far beyond pure vegetarianism and is intended to cover just about any health, family and blogging issue.

If you are unsure of what a blog post title may look like, I am listing a couple of possible titles:

  • Tofu Made Tasty
  • Are Vegetarian Dog and Cat Foods Just a Silly Fad?
  • How Being a Vegetarian Can Save You Lots of Cash and Still Make You Super Healthy

These are merely suggestions, I am confident you have a perfectly good title in mind already.

Submitting a Guest Post is Childsplay – The Benefits Incredible

As a blogger, I always make sure that the process is kept simple and straightforward and these are the short few steps you need to go through to submit your post for publication:

  1. Get in touch by using the contact form on my site or by emailing me at Include as much information as you can about yourself and your post.
  2. Wait and see how quickly we respond! I will read your submission, idea or concept and reply with some feedback and information on the next steps.
  3. Perfect your post with us through discussions and editing.
  4. Wait for the publication of your brilliant post.

The process is super simple, the benefits, however, far-reaching:

  • Access to thousands of readers
  • Your profile will shoot through the roof
  • You gain valuable blogging insight and experience
  • We give you full credit and highlight a link to your own blog or website
  • You may be asked to write for other websites

You see, submitting a guest post to my website is a must, so go ahead and get your post ready!