Should Schools Query Parents Choices of Food for Children?

Children’s packed lunches – exactly what should they contain? Go back a few years or so and the contents of a children’s school lunch box was a more private affair. That was, it seems, until celebrity chef Jamie Oliver intervened and brought school food to the general public’s attention. Whether you care for Jamie or not, he has undoubtedly done a tremendous amount for the fight against kids eating rubbish during the school day.

However, Jamie’s crusade was against the school meal system itself. There is currently another debate brewing; that of packed lunches. You see, as it is the parent, not the school, doing the packing of these boxes, there is little in the way that can be done to monitor its contents – or is there?

Schools are Banning the Junk in Packed Lunches

Some schools are taking a stance on the amount of junk food which goes into their pupils packed lunches, particularly with a no sweets and chocolate rule. Understandable I feel, but what would you say to the other schools taking it one step further and banning all manner of crisps and pastries as well?

Whose Responsibility Is It?

This is a very grey area. Currently, these schools are trying to implement measures that are there to protect the health of the child. But why should this have to be left to the school to enforce? Don’t our teachers and school staff have enough on their plate with educating our children? Is it fair to expect them to now supervise what we as parents place in our own children’s lunch boxes?

Addressing the Issue Further

I know this is a very delicate subject to approach. However, I also know that there are many of us parents that are trying our hardest to provide the healthiest of packed school lunches to our children who choose this lunchtime route.

That said, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t witnessed first-hand some of the worst packed lunches I think I have ever laid eyes upon! Whilst helping on a school day trip, I was shown a total of no less than seven packed lunch bags whose only contents were sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks! This was one of those days when I was lost for words…

So how do we move forward with this issue? Furthermore, how can we police something as delicate as the issue of controlling what parents put into their own children’s lunch boxes each school day? Perhaps Jamie Oliver would like to step up to the plate once again?