How to Create a Reading Nook That Your Kids Will Want to Spend Time In

I have a confession to make – I am a Pinterest addict! Honestly, I cannot get enough of the website, much to my other half’s amusement or rather lack of it when I talk about beginning yet another home improvement project! However, even Richard had to concede, albeit begrudgingly, that I had stumbled across one of the best ideas yet during my Pinterest binge which inspired our current reading nook!

Reading Takes You to Other Worlds

My two girls have loved books since they were just a few weeks old, and we have always encouraged them to explore all types of genres. One of our favourite past times is snuggling up together and taking it in turns reading a page from each of the girl’s favourite books. For us, as adults, it’s a time to stop and relax and spend quality time with one another. For the girls, it’s a chance to escape from reality.

A Nook Is a Little Piece of Heaven

When the girls were smaller, we would take it in turns to crash out on each of their beds when reading. At weekends they would then pile onto ours as we read to them. However, as the years have gone by, and the girls are getting bigger, what was once a comfy session soon became a mass of limbs, leaving little room for Richard and myself! I then saw a photo on Pinterest of a reading nook that a family had created, and I instantly knew this would be the perfect solution for us all now the girls were outgrowing their bedtime ritual!

A Reading Nook Can Be Inexpensive

Not wanting to overspend on what was to be a simple reading corner, I salvaged an unused bed canopy that we had bought some months before, but which had sat at the back of the cupboard since. I then attached this to the ceiling in a corner of our living room. This then separated the area off, and I dotted cushions around on the floor on top of a rug which was stored away in the attic. Richard brought home a few bits of wood and crafted a couple of book crates, so we would always have a selection of books to hand. For the final finishing touches, we installed a couple of spot lights to give it that cosy feeling.

Now, when its reading time, the girls race each other to the nook, and each night this has become our bedtime routine which settles all of us down for the night! Reading has never been so exciting.