Homework – Should We Expect It at Primary School?

The bane of some children’s life, homework is to be expected at secondary school level. After all, with exams galore on the horizon, it can be a useful tool for revision purposes at this stage. But, what place does homework have at primary level?

12Homework in Primary Schools

A teacher friend of mine recently told me of a family who had moved their child from her school. Amongst their reasoning, the biggest problem was that they felt this school had not, in their opinion, been giving their child enough homework. The child in question was 6 years old!

Homework or No Homework, that is The Question

I have always seen homework as necessary to ensure children get into that habit of studying and aiming high. That was, until I had my own children. I then began to see how much they did throughout the day at school and how coming home was their break from this work. My thoughts on homework at primary school age then began to change slightly.

School is Not Just a Place of Play

Having several friends, who are also teachers, means I get to see things from their side of the fence, not just as a parent. The work load on children at primary school is hugely immense. Further to popular opinion, they do not spend all their day playing! Children’s progress is continually being monitored and, with SATS and even phonics testing now compulsory, each child has numerous targets to work towards. In short, they really do have to work at it!

Do We Have a Homework Schedule?

Having children certainly opens your eyes and makes you take a step back before making those all-important decisions. My husband and I have made the decision to install a love of reading and writing in our children, and we actively encourage them to get involved when calculating and weighing items around the home to help with their maths knowledge. But, in terms of homework at this very early stage in their life – well that is not currently our priority.

Before you start worrying that your child doesn’t seem to be coming home with as much homework as some of your other friends do, ask yourself what is the purpose of that actual homework? Better still, speak openly to your teacher about your concerns. You may be surprised to hear that many teachers do not see the need for extra work at home when they cover all that they need to in class that day. After all, children need to have a break as well!