Essential Tips for Your Pasta Pot

When it comes to food, the Italians have it right! Indeed, the Mediterranean diet is said to be one of the healthiest of all, and offers a wide variety of different foods in some wonderful combinations. Of course, the favourite across the world is pasta – beloved of students for its low cost and versatility – and there is plenty you can do with the various types of pasta. A simple pasta sauce adds a wide range of flavours, and can be a quick and tasty dish – as well as a very cheap one – and there are many recipes to try on the internet and in books and magazines.

Take spaghetti: who doesn’t love a good Bolognese? This staple dish is, once again, a student favourite, and is healthy, lean and easy to make. If, like us, you use long spaghetti as the pasta accompaniment to your lasagne sauce, you will know of the inherent problem: how do you stop the pasta tipping into the sink when you drain the water? It’s that awkward moment when your spaghetti is cooked, and you hold the lid over the pan and try to tip the water out! It never works, and you end up scooping the pasta out of the sink! Well, we have the answer, and any students reading this need to pay attention!

Choosing a Pasta Pot

What you need is a dedicated pasta pot. What is one of these? They come in various forms, and each has its own merits. Some are like standard pans that have a locking lid with perforations in; with these, you can simply turn the pan upside down to get rid of the water, without losing any pasta.

However, we prefer the traditional style of pasta pot. This is generally a stainless-steel pan with an internal, smaller pan, which has perforations on its base. You put the water in the outer pan, lower the pasta in within the perforated fitment, and when it’s cooked, simply lift it out, leaving the water behind! Clever, isn’t it? They take the trouble out of cooking and delivering pasta, with no risk of waste. Now, being honest, some models are quite expensive, but we recommend you buy the best you can afford, especially is you cook a lot of pasta.

Buying Your Pasta Pot

Believe us when you say you will get a considerable amount of use out of your new pot, and we found a best pasta pot review at a great website called They have listed the top ten models on the market, complete with full descriptions and details of specifications, as well as advice on how much you can expect to pay. They also have great reviews of many other household items and gadgets, plus much more besides.

If pasta is a part of your diet you really will benefit from one of these brilliant pasta pots, so we recommend you check out the review right now, and buy the best one you can afford.