Quite early on in the life of my blog and website, I was approached by a variety of companies seeking to advertise their products and services on my website. Many of them were small local businesses who sought to reach out to a health conscious public. They knew that my many thousand readers would be keen to find out more about their business and they were aware that this type of advertising is highly focused and targeted. Quite a few had spent rather large sums of money on print, radio and even TV advertising and had seen little in return. Their smart understanding of advertising and consumer behavior led them to choose advertising on my site because of the following reasons:

  • Cost Effective: Generally, online advertising is considered to be one of the most intelligent and efficient ways of investing in advertising. Rates are comparatively low and businesses see a sizeable return for their investment within a short period of time. The investment-gain ratio is positive throughout, results are instantly quantifiable and smart data collection allows for the analysis of customer data.
  • Instant and Easy Access to Thousands of Potential New Customers: Adverts in print, radio and TV media are said to be seen by a large number of people with little interest in the products or services on display. Only a relatively small percentage of readers, listeners or viewers represent the actual target group of the particular advertiser. This means that a large proportion of the investment is lost and will not lead to any increase in revenue for the advertising business. Online advertising on content relevant sites is fully targeted as it is estimated that the vast majority of readers and website visitors represent a well-defined target group. In my case, I can guarantee my advertisers that all of my readers have an interest in vegetarianism, health and related products and services. It is unlikely that people with no interest in these areas would ever visit my website. Thus, all advertisers are given easy access to 13’000 unique monthly visitors with a shared interest in the aforementioned areas. Businesses promoting related products and services can therefore rest assured that their investment is sharply focused and virtually guaranteed to yield financial rewards.
  • Professional Service: I do not like charging for below-par services and therefore always endeavor to provide a professional service. All the various steps involved, from the creation of a concept, to the design of the advertisement and the choice of placement thereof are processed with the utmost professionalism and underpinned by years of experience and knowledge. I have learned at first hand, what types of advertisements lead to an increase in revenue and entice readers on to the advertiser’s own website.
  • Simple Process, Top Class Support: We make your life easy and do all the hard work for you, while always ensuring that you and your business enjoy the best possible support. On contacting us, the entire process is outlined, options described and details on price and time frame provided. All you need to do is get in touch, tell us about the product or service you would like to advertise, discuss the concept and design of your ad and let us take care of the rest.
  • We Are Interested in Your Results: Subsequent to your advertising campaign, we will discuss the benefits you have reaped and explore the best way forward. Our main aim is to make money for our advertisers and of course to promote top products and services for the benefit of our many thousand readers.

Many Happy Advertisers

I am proud to say that my advertisers are a happy bunch and most of them stay with us for a long time. Once or twice, through an oversight or mishap, advertisers did not see immediate results, but because we carefully monitor the performance of your ad, such little mistakes get picked up on and rectified immediately.

We are a vibrant community of fresh food lovers, lively vegetarians and thousands of people who just love healthy living, good food and nutrition and all things related. If you are in the same type of business and wish to become part of this great community, do get in touch and we’ll make sure that your business will soon become an integral part of our vegetarian network.