4 Reasons to Use Coloured Kitchen Knives

Need a new set of kitchen knives? You might have noticed that more and more suppliers are offering collections of coloured knives. The fact is that more people are getting clued into the benefits of using them. Here are just four reasons why you’ll thank yourself for adopting coloured kitchen knives yourself.

  1. No Cross-Contamination

What is cross-contamination? It’s just a fancy way of describing bacteria or other microorganisms being transferred from one surface to another. Unfortunately, this can come with serious consequences in the kitchen. Let’s say you use one of your kitchen knives to cut some raw chicken. The knife could retain some of the harmful bacteria found on that chicken, and you might, for example, then transfer that bacteria to some salad you’re preparing. Coloured knives can be colour-coded, so you’ll know which ones to use for different types of food, avoiding cross-contamination in the process.

  1. Easy to Find

Most professional and amateur cooks like to keep their kitchen knives in a rack to have them close at hand. The problem is that all you’ll be able to see of the knife is its handle, so you’ll often need to pull each one in and out to find what you’re looking for. Of course, that’s not something you’ll need to worry about when each knife handle is a different colour.

  1. Easy to Organize

Having your knives colour-coded makes them easy to pick up in a pinch – you’ll also find it a lot easier to keep your kitchen organised when each knife is of a different vibrant colour. If you’re the sort of person who likes to keep everything in its proper place, going colour-coded is clearly going to pay off.

4. Adds Some Style

Finally, there’s no denying that coloured knives add a dash of style to most kitchens. Knives are generally similar shades of grey or black. Not ideal for anything save the most clinical of kitchens. This is your home, and the kitchen is often one of its most social rooms. Why not liven things up with a little colour?